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About [Firm Name]

At [Firm Name], we believe that managing your money wisely means being knowledgeable about all your options. That’s why we place a heavy  emphasis on financial education.

This focus on education, along with our more conservative approach to retirement planning, are just a couple of reasons why we’ve become A Retirement Income Store®As A Retirement Income Store, we’re now backed by a national network of Income Specialists across the country.

The Retirement Income Store was founded by David J. Scranton. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, David Scranton specializes in income-generating investment strategies designed to help protect clients savings, so they can use it as a renewable source of  income they can count on in retirement. 

4 Ways We Can Help You Achieve Your Ideal Retirement

Risk Reduction

Our Income-based approach to planning and saving for retirement can help to reduce your exposure to market risk and economic uncertainty.

Income Generation

Our focus on income-generating investments means we can help you establish renewable streams of income you can count on well into retirement.

Tax Minimization

Our tax savings strategies can help you avoid paying more in taxes than you are legally obligated to. 

Social Security Maximization

We can help to ensure that you’ve done all you can to maximize your social security benefits and avoid leaving money on the table from this important retirement resource.

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