[CEO Name]

[CEO Name], Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor and President of [Firm Name]

Providing Trusted Retirement Planning Services in [City, State].

In addition to being President of [Firm Name], [CEO Name] is author of the acclaimed bestseller, Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up, which has helped everyday investors master the “inside game” of investing and avoid Wall Street and media bias. He is a nationally known industry professional who hosts his own radio show, co-hosted The Income Generation on Newsmax, and appears regularly on media outlets such as CNBC, Fox News, and Fox Business. [CEO Name] has personally strategized with thousands of local investors to help them create a master plan for investment that fuels their income stream allows them to achieve their retirement goals with peace of mind.

[CEO Name], President of [Firm Name], Teaches Retirees the Art of Financial Self-Defense

[CEO Name] grew up in Brevard County and has been working with retirees and their families for over 32 years. A.R.B.O.R.—which stands for Assisting Retirees Beyond Ordinary Results—is not just an appropriate acronym for [CEO Name] firm, it’s also an economic philosophy he’s acquired through years of industry and market experience.

In his first years in business, [CEO Name] recognized the unfortunate reality that most of his retired clients were jeopardizing their financial futures simply because they lacked basic economic industry knowledge. It then became the goal of [CEO Name] and [FIRM Name] to provide free financial knowledge and information vitally important to hard-working Americans who want to know how best to save for retirement in an ever-changing and sometimes hostile economic landscape. This counter cultural attitude is also what sets him apart from his local competitors.

[CEO Name] is dedicated to providing clients and the public with an array of diverse financial products and services. He is licensed to sell insurance with the Florida Department of Financial Services, and is an Investment Advisor Representative with Sound Income Strategies, LLC. Both he and [Firm Name] are also members in good standing of the Central Florida Better Business Bureau and The National Ethics Association.

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