How to Generate Leads for Financial Advisors


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As a financial advisor, you know how important it is to generate leads and find new clients. Still, we talk to advisors every day who ask us how to find clients as a financial advisor. For most, financial advisor leads cost money.

So, How Does a Financial Advisor Find Clients?


Traditional stock market-based financial advisors will likely begin their prospecting efforts with the same old cold calling, expensive dinner workshops, or other outdated strategies that have become less effective through the years.

You’ll notice we said most “traditional” advisors. The great thing about the Income Specialists at The Retirement Income Store® is that they are anything but traditional. All of our Fixed Income Specialists have been personally coached and mentored by our Founder, David J. Scranton.

David, a seasoned independent financial advisor with his own national show, The Income Generation with David J. Scranton. He has not only established the infrastructure to generate free leads for our Income Specialists, but he has also shared his own Scranton Sales Process. This Process has been proven to help advisors boost their sales and closing ratios, while always doing what’s in their clients’ best interest.

That means that the like-minded advisors who qualify to become Income Specialists will not only receive access to free qualified leads in their area, but will also receive access and instruction on how to put the Scranton Sales Process to work to:

  • Improve your prospect-to-client conversion ratios
  • Maximize your marketing ROI
  • Dramatically increase your production


Creative Marketing Ideas for Financial Advisors


In order to stand out from your competition you’ll need creative financial advertising and marketing materials. One of the benefits of becoming an Income Specialist with The Retirement Income Store®, besides our exciting financial advertising ideas, is that you can benefit from our relationship with our sister company, Advisors’ Academy, which was also founded by David J. Scranton.

David founded Advisors’ Academy with a vision to recruit other successful, like-minded financial advisors and mentor them on how to achieve even higher levels of success – while always putting the interests of their clients first!

In addition to being known for their financial advisor coaching programs, Advisors’ Academy is also known for its outstanding Marketing Team that has the skills and financial industry know-how to produce dynamic and creative marketing materials that can separate you from your competition.

Our proprietary Bull’s Eye Marketing system was designed to provide you with warmer and more cost-effective alternatives to cold calling, expensive dinner workshops, and other traditional strategies that have become less effective through the years. 

Whether you’re a newly independent financial advisor just setting up your day-to-day practice, or a $30 million producer, our market-proven strategies are organized in a manner that can help you start your prospecting efforts immediately with the targets closest to the Bull’s-Eye. Often, you’ll find that these prospects exist in virtually untapped markets, with little to no competition.

Ready to gain access to free warm financial advisor leads in your area? Click here to find out if you qualify to become an Income Specialist with The Retirement Income Store®.


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